ART Technologies

We are rights holders of content packages: feature films, cartoons, serials, erotica, programs, documentaries and series, and more.

We deal with all categories of rights for all territories on demand (TV, VOD, DIgital).

We are professionally engaged in content monetization in partner networks, as well as in adaptation and obtaining of all permits and approvals. We carry out market research and prompt updating of catalogs.

Content Packs

• Animation
• Erotica
• Programs
• Documentary film
• Series

Content monetization

• Marketing research
• Own distribution network
• Prompt updating of catalogs

Rights packages

• Digital
• TV
How the ART Technologies team can help

Copyright protection

We, as the copyright holder (or representative of the copyright holder), exercise control over the distribution and use of each piece of content. We also take part in controversial situations arising in the legal field.

Integrated solutions for media business

We offer a search for various categories of content, work with authors, the conclusion of the necessary agreements. We also do dubbing, voice-overs, localization of content for TV. We can also provide government liaison services to obtain appropriate content permissions.

Content management

If you are the author of the content, or do you have rights to the content? In this case, we will be happy to discuss cooperation with you. We can be of service to you as your representative, distributor.